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Here are some FAQs answered:


Q: What is RenartSG?
A: RenartSG is a Singapore based e-commerce platform, for art-related products, and services. You may post a listing on our platform, and anyone interested will be able to message you via our messaging system. Do note that deals will be done between the seller and the buyer, RenartSG will not be a part of any dealings.


Q: How is RenartSG different from other similar platforms?

A: At RenartSG, we focus solely on products and services that comes from your own creative artistic efforts. We do not take any commissions from any sales done on our website. In addition, we are a platform that is specifically for Singapore and all her residents, therefore the delivery of items is easier, and it makes possible for such services where the customer must be physically present, such as tattooing and shoemaking, to list a couple. 


Q: How much does it cost me to post a listing?
A: Depending on your type of listing, it will cost you from 0.2 tokens (SGD$ 0.20) to 5 tokens (SGD$5) per listing. For individual product listing, it costs 0.2 tokens to list it and will last indefinitely until deleted. As for the services, commissions, and events listings, it costs 5 tokens to list and will last for 60 days. Additional add-ons like premium(12 tokens), move-to-top(2.5 tokens) and highlights (3 tokens), are all optional.


Q: How will the marketing and advertising be handled? 

A: Marketing and advertising within the site will be by the creators' own efforts, by purchasing add-ons such as "push to top" or "highlights". However, Renart SG shall also do its best to market itself, and with permission, some of the products and services posted on the site in our online and offline advertising campaign to bring in higher traffic. 


Q: How do I buy tokens, and is it safe?
A: Tokens are bought on our website, and will cost differently depending on your choice of package. At RenartSG, we strongly believe in safe and secure payments, and all payment transactions are made with Stripe on RenartSG. For more information on Stripe, visit their website for more details.


Q: What are the payment methods?

A: Currently, the only payments that can be made on our site is for the listing and promotions of the products and services, through Stripe. We plan on adding an option to help customers and creators streamline the process of payment in the future. 


Q: What kind of products are accepted on RenartSG?
A: RenartSG welcomes all handcrafted, and/or self-designed products, as well as services provided by you personally which involves arts and crafts ( Photography, tattoo services, sculpting etc. ). Mass produced items not self-designed, manufactured items that are sold widely in commercial shops, or any sort of item not designed or produced by you whereby no permission is given by the original designer/creator for you to post it and list, are all not allowed and will be removed. Suspension or banning of accounts may be effected at any time if caught and no refunds will be given. Refer to our terms of use for more information.


Q: Will I still retain the rights to our own artworks/products/intellectual properties? 

A: Yes, Renart SG does not own the rights to your intellectual properties and you still retain them.


Q: Will Renart SG use our art without rights or prior consent? 

A: No, if we so wish to use your art to promote you, on social media or otherwise, we shall seek your permission beforehand, as we do not own the rights to your intellectual properties. However, we highly suggest that you watermark your own artwork, for precaution. 


Q: Why do some of the listing categories cost differently and have an expiry date compared to others?
A: We divide our listings between services and individual listings. Services categories ( Tattoo, events, commissioned artworks etc. ), cost 5 tokens, and last for 60 days, whereas individual listing categories ( Single art piece, handicraft etc. ) cost 0.2 tokens, and last indefinitely until deleted.


Q: Why does the page on the android app look like it is not loading?
A: Due to certain features of our app, it may look as if the app itself is not loading after you click a button. Do give it a few moments, and the page would be loaded up. If your page is still not yet loaded after a long time, kindly contact us at


Q: Where would I be notified about my messages?
A: We would notify you via email if there are any messages sent to you.


Q: Why am I not receiving notifications for messages on my android app?
A: RenartSG is currently working towards upgrading our messaging system, and we apologize for the inconveniences caused. Temporarily, our system will automatically drop you an email whenever there is a message sent to you.


Q: Why can't I find the verification email in my email inbox?
A: Spam filters may differ from one recipient to another, and the verification email may be sent to your spam folder or junk folder.


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